Helping You Recover

You'll be back at work in no time with help from an experienced occupational therapist. We make sure you recover from your injury quickly and safely using custom programs and proven techniques. 

A Program Designed for You

Every injury is different, so we develop a custom recovery program for each patient. We'll show you activities you can perform at home to speed recovery, including strengthening, stretching, and positioning exercises.

Education is an important part of rehabilitation. You'll receive a detailed explanation of your injury, along with pictures to help you understand the problem in depth.

Our Industrial Program
This intensive program is designed to maximize your tolerance to the physical demands of your job. We are a DSI Work Solutions Provider of Functional Capacity Assessments, Functional Job Assessments and Functional Job Testing.

Hand Therapy
Therapy Office
Contact Highlands Therapy & Industrial Rehabilitation, Inc. in Covington, Virginia,
at (877) 388-9783 for complete occupational therapy and industrial rehabilitation.

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